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Do I have to disable my pop-up blocker?

In order to proceed to the checkout, you must either disable your pop-up blocker, or allow pop-ups from the Pentron website. Be sure to do the same for any internet security software you may have installed on your computer.

Why is the product I am using no longer available?

Over the years, Pentron has launched many innovative products into the market, which means that from time to time there is a need to review our more mature product lines. As a result of this portfolio review, we discovered that many of our customers had moved on to the more state-of-the-art products offered by Pentron. In other words, if the product you currently use is being made obsolete, there is a good chance we have something else to offer you that is even better! In the off chance we do not have a direct replacement for the product, we will do our best to make a suitable suggestion to you.

We know you will need some help in transitioning products, and we want to make that as easy as possible for you and your office staff. Please call our Customer Care Specialists at 800-551-0283 who are ready to help with  information on replacement products to ensure little disruption to your daily routine.

Is the Pentron Clinical website secure?

Yes. is a secured site. All transactions processed are secured. To verify that you are in a secure site, look at your web browser address. If 'https://' is displayed, the site is secure.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about a product?

Please contact Technical Support at 1-800-551-0283 and press # 2, or email our Technical Department at If you are experiencing any difficulty using a product, please be prepared to provide your customer number, name, address, product name, and lot number (this is located on the product label along with the expiration date).

How do I send a product back for credit or replacement?

For Pentron Clinical Products:

Option 1: Use the link provided below to email our Customer Service Department. Include in your email your customer number, name, address, and the details of the product(s) you wish to return. The Sales Department will reply back to you with a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number and instructions on how to send the material back.

Option 2: Please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-551-0283 and press option #1. A customer service representative will generate a return authorization number for you to include with your returned product. They will provide instructions on how to send the material back.

How do I place an order from outside the United States?

Please go to 'Contact Us', click on the 'International Distributor List', and then click on your country to view the name and contact information for your local distributor.

How do I view your Website at its best?

For optimum viewing use Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or greater, Firefox 3 or greater, Apple Safari 5 or greater, Google Chrome 8 or greater, and Adobe Acrobat 10.0.

Please use the below links to install or upgrade your software:

Internet Explorer:


Apple Safari:

Google Chrome:

Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Why does Pentron only sell through the dealer network now?

Although Pentron originally started as a direct selling company, in 2012 we rechanneled our business to sell through the dealer network. Partnering with our dealers allows us to serve you better and save you time by allowing you to order all of your dental goods through one source. So while you should never hesitate to contact us directly with any questions, your knowledgeable dealer representative can be a dependable resource for you as well. Please also feel free to continue to order through our new, updated shopping cart at any time of day or night!