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Pentron Clinical

B-Tron Hydroprocessor

The B-Tron Hydroprocessor is used when working with VanR Reversible Hydrocolloid impression material.  The B-Tron Hydroprocessor maintains maximum control with minimum effort. Modular design with three interchangeable plug-in units which contain all of the electronic components, microcomputers and heating elements for easy, convenient servicing. The B-Tron features automatic liquefaction, (regardless of the starting water temperature), it automatically corrects for absolute temperature control and a special energy-conserving proportionate control system is provided to save energy and prevent overheating.  

Separate display panels indicate the temperature of each bath, while function lights indicate Liquefying and Timing modes. An audible tone indicates when materials are liquefied and when they are ready for use in the mouth. There are also special displays to warn of power interruptions and when water levels become too low. The B-Tron is factory programmed with preset temperatures and is ready to use.  Temperatures and timers may be easily reprogrammed by operator, if desired, to allow the low-water sensing device to operate in areas with very pure, or distilled water.

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