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Cement-It Universal C&B Resin Cement
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Cement-It Universal C&B™ Resin Cement

Dual-Cure Cement Offers Versatility and High Bond Strength!

Cement-It Universal C&B Resin Cementation System is the ideal choice for all of your indirect bonding needs. Cement-It Universal C&B can be used when bonding indirect composite, aluminum oxide, zirconium core, metal, and porcelain/ceramic restorations to both dentin and enamel. Cement-It Universal C&B can also be used to bond both fiber and metal posts. Cement-It Universal C&B is suitable for cementing all ceramic restorations.

Product Benefits

  • 3ml auto-mix syringes offer simplicity and convenience
  • Dual cure formula provides greater versatility
  • Convenient packaging set up in the sequence it is used

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Cement-It Universal C&B™ Resin Cement

Q. Is Cement-It Universal C&B Cement dual cure?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the set time of Cement-It Universal C&B Cement?
A. Cement-It Universal C&B Cement has a working time of 1.5 minutes from the start of mix and a setting time of about 3.5-4 minutes.

Q. What bonding agent should I use with Cement-It Universal C&B?
A. We highly recommend using Bond-1® Adhesive.

Q. What is the difference between Cement-It Universal C&B Cement and Lute-It® Luting Cement?
A. Cement-It Universal C&B Cement is recommended for those cases where the shade of the cement is not a significant consideration in the esthetics of the case. When cement shade can affect final esthetics, such as for veneers, Lute-It luting cement should be used.

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