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Pentron Clinical

FibreKleer® Post


This product is no longer available. Click here to find out more information.

Now with 50% more Radiopacity!

The FibreKleer Post from Pentron Clinical is the latest generation of fiber posts offering superior strength and outstanding esthetics with the added feature of light transmission through the post. Available in three body designs, parallel with a retentive head, tapered, and serrated, the FibreKleer Post allows clinicians to choose the type of post that best suits each individual case. The transparency of the glass fibers makes FibreKleer Posts the ideal choice for use under all-ceramic restorations. The FibreKleer Post provides the ideal combination of esthetics and strength that is not attainable with metal posts.

Product Benefits

  • Flexural strength of 1423 MPa for durability in high stress areas
  • Flexural modulus engineered to minimize root fractures
  • High radiopacity for easy detection on radiographs
  • Unsurpassed transparency for esthetics and light transmission
  • Pre-silanated for convenience and enhanced adhesion of resin cements
  • Easy retrieval using conventional burs and drill bits   

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FibreKleer® Post

Q. What material can I use to bond the FibreKleer Posts?
A. You can use any dual cure resin cement with FibreKleer posts. We highly recommend using
Cement-It® Universal C&B™ Cement or Build-It® FR™ Core Material.

Q How do I trim FibreKleer Posts?
A. Use a diamond separating disk or a diamond bur.

Q. How do I remove the FibreKleer Posts?
A. FibreKleer posts are easily removed with the corresponding size of the FibreKleer post drill if
retreatment is required.

Q. Are FibreKleer Posts radiopaque?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the minimum amount of tooth structure needed to place a FibreKleer Post?
A. For a successful post and core restoration there must be 2mm minimum of coronal tooth structure
above the gumline prior to and after preparation.

Q. What’s the difference between FibreKleer and FibreKor™ Posts?
A. FibreKleer posts effectively transmit light to facilitate light initiation of dual cure cements.
FibreKor posts are white opaque.
FibreKleer posts enhance the esthetics of cosmetic restorations.
FibreKleer posts are 20% stronger than the original FibreKor post.
FibreKleer posts are available in 3 body styles, enabling you to fit the post to the preparation.
FibreKor posts are available in one body style.

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