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FibreKor Fiber Post
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FibreKor Fiber Post

The FibreKor Fiber Post Kit is comprised of prefabricated endodontic posts in various sizes to accommodate large, medium and small canals. Posts are easily bonded to tooth structure via resin cements and bonding agents. The kit offers a complete assortment of posts, measuring devices, drill bits and more.

Fabricated from longitudinal glass fibers encompassed in a strong composite resin matrix, the FibreKor Fiber Post allows an integrated bond between tooth structure, bonding agent, resin cement and composite core material.

Product Benefits

  • Three Sizes in the kit; 1.00 mm, 1.25mm, and 1.50mm diameters Refills available in 5 sizes
  • A unique design allowing excellent adherence of resin cement
  • Excellent esthetics and light transmission due to the fiber content
  • An intimate bond to tooth via resin cements due to the resinous surface of the post
  • Easy shaping and cutting to size for any canal
  • Reinforcing flexural and retentive properties and a non-wedging design
  • Excellent retention of the core and restoration
  • Easy retrieval, if necessary, using conventional burs and drill bits 

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FibreKor Fiber Post

Q. What material can I use to bond FibreKor Posts?
A. You can use any dual cure resin cement with FibreKor posts. We highly recommend using Cement-It® Universal C&B™ Cement or Build-It® FR™ Core Material.

Q How do I trim FibreKor Posts?
A. Use a diamond separating disk or a diamond bur.

Q. How do I remove a FibreKor Post?
A. FibreKor posts are easily removed with the corresponding size of the FibreKor post drill if retreatment is required.

Q. Is the FibreKor Post radiopaque?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the minimum amount of tooth structure needed to place a FibreKor Post?
A. For a successful post and core restoration there must be 2mm minimum of coronal tooth structure above the gumline prior to and after preparation.

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