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Fini Polishing System


This product is no longer available. Click here to find out more information.

Add Brilliant Polish to All Composites!

The Fini Polishing Disks provide an incredibly smooth and brilliant polish to all composites and resin ionomers. The innovative centerless disk provides greater access and increases the usable surface area of each disk, making finishing and polishing procedures quick and easy. Selected Disks are designed with grit on both sides requiring no disk change for lingual access.

Product Benefits

  • Centerless design eliminates gouging and discoloration common in other disk systems
  • Disks are color coded by grit range for easy identification
  • Disks are thin and flex easy for very good interproximal and marginal access
Polishing Disk Chart

Fini Disk Size Chart PDF


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Fini Polishing System

Q. How many sizes are available for the Fini polishing disks?
A. Fini polishing disks come in 9 sizes, with the choice of 4 grits and several different disk diameters.

Q. What advantages do Fini polishing disks offer over traditional polishing disks?
A. Fini polishing disks are very unique in that they do not possess a metal or plastic
center ring. This eliminates the gouging and discoloration that can result from other
polishing systems. Fini disks also have a larger usable surface area and are extremely
flexible to provide the clinician easy access to interproximal and marginal areas.

Q. At what rotational speed should I run my handpiece to achieve best results?
A. For best results, use Fini polishing disks between 10,000 and 15,000 rpm. Do not
exceed 25,000 rpm, or separation of the disk from the collar may occur.  

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