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Fusio Liquid Dentin
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Fusio Liquid Dentin

Fusio Self-Adhesive Flowable Composite represents the natural progression of composite resin technology that clinicians have been waiting for. A self-adhering flowable composite, Fusio combines the benefits of adhesive and composite technology into one product, bringing restorative techniques to new unprecedented heights. Simply syringe into preparation, agitate, and light-cure. Upon application Fusio conditions, bonds, and seals without the need for an etchant or an adhesive.

With such unique applications as dentin replacement or self-adhesive base liner, Fusio will change the way you look at restorative dentistry. Best of all Fusio costs less than many premium flowable composites and their required separate adhesives.

  • Self-adhesive – bonds to dentin and enamel without a separate bonding agent
  • Multiple Indications – pit & fissure sealant, blocking out undercuts, base liner, small class I, class III, & now class V
  • Versatile – can be used alone or together with bonded composites
  • Seals dentin – offers the potential for reduced sensitivity
  • Increases profitability – designed to improve efficiency by reducing the time, steps, & materials needed
  • Radiopaque – easily stands out on x-rays for quick and easy diagnosis
  • Esthetic – available in four of the most popular Vita® shades: A1, A2, A3, & B1
  • BPA Free – contains no bisphenol A

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