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Nano-Bond® Nano-Particulate Reinforced Adhesive


This product is no longer available. Click here to find out more information.

Virtually Eliminate Sensitivity!

Nano-Bond System is a 6th generation self-etch bonding system that virtually eliminates sensitivity. Nano-Bond is a versatile bonding system that can be used for direct or indirect bonding applications. The Nano-Bond System consists of a uniquely formulated self-etch primer and a nano-particulate reinforced adhesive that work together to produce tenacious bond to the tooth.

Product Benefits

  • Self-etch formula greatly reduces post-operative sensitivity
  • Dual-cure capability offers exceptional versatility
  • Works with direct and indirect applications
  • Comprehensive kit includes everything you need for a reliable bond 

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Nano-Bond® Nano-Particulate Reinforced Adhesive

Q. How does the Nano-Bond system work?
A. Nano-Bond self-etch adhesive is a 2-bottle system that effectively self-etches and primes dentin and cut enamel for bonding. A HEMA-containing primer etches without opening the tubules, removing post-operative sensitivity from the equation. Next, a nano-particle reinforced resin infiltrates the etched surface and provides a strong interface. The combination provides strong bonding to dentin and cut enamel. Uncut enamel does require etching prior to bonding with Nano-Bond adhesive.

Q. Will Nano-Bond self-etch adhesive work with both dual-cure and self-cure resin materials?
A. Yes, but only when Nano-Bond dual-cure activator is mixed with Nano-Bond resin. The resin and dual-cure activator should be mixed 2:1 (resin: dual-cure activator).

Q. Why is a syringe of phosphoric acid etch included with this kit?
A. Uncut enamel requires a 37% phosphoric acid etch before the Nano-Bond self-etch primer can be applied. This is necessary to ensure bonding to uncut enamel. A separate acid etch is not required for dentin or cut enamel.

Q. What makes Nano-Bond self-etch adhesive unique?
A. The Nano-Bond system contains polyhedral-shaped, surface-functional nano-particles. This new technology bridges the property space between hydrocarbon-based plastics and ceramics. These structures are characterized by their 3 dimensional, “cage-like” molecular shapes, which increases flexural modulus and hardness while maintaining the stress and strain characteristics of the base resin.

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