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PrepEze® Desensitizer


This product is no longer available. Click here to find out more information.

Virtually Eliminates Post-Operative Sensitivity!

PrepEze Desensitizer virtually eliminates post-operative sensitivity. It can be used prior to bonding without reducing bond strength. Prep-Eze Desensitizer is easy to apply in just 30 seconds and does not require a separate curing.

Product Benefits

  • Does not reduce bonding strength
  • Is non-irritating to soft tissue and is indicated for routine use
  • Ideal for treating crown preps prior to temporization
  • Contains an anti-microbial agent to eliminate residual bacteria
  • Compatible with all conventional cements, amalgam and bonding agents

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PrepEze® Desensitizer

Q. When do I apply Prep-Eze desensitizer?
A. Prep-Eze desensitizer is indicated to use prior to bonding. Apply it after acid etching the dentin surface, but before placing your bonding agent. Prep-Eze desensitizer works by re-moisturizing the dentin surface after acid etching, and will not interfere with composite bonding.

Q. Is Prep-Eze desensitizer antibacterial?
A. Yes, we included benzalkonium chloride in the formulation for this purpose. Benzalkonium chloride is a fast-acting antimicrobial agent that rids the dentin surface of residual bacteria.

Q. Can I use this material if I am bonding composite to dentin?
A. Yes, Prep-Eze desensitizer does not interfere with resin tagging of the dentin tubules.

Q. Where should I store my bottle of Prep-Eze desensitizer?
A. Store Prep-Eze desensitizer at 65-75°F (18-24°C). If not used for a long period of time, please refrigerate the material. With proper storage the material will last 3 years.

Q. What is the composition of Prep-Eze?
A. Prep-Eze desensitizer is a mixture of HEMA, Sodium fluoride, and Benzalkonium chloride.

Q. Does Prep-Eze desensitizer contain fluoride?
A. Yes, Prep-Eze desensitizer contains fluoride.

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