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Simile Universal Composite
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Simile Universal Composite

Simile is a universal composite that combines strength and esthetics for both anterior and posterior restorations. Its nano-hybrid formula has been independently proven to deliver surface smoothness for easy polishability, polish retention, and wear resistance with outstanding physical properties.

Product Benefits:

  • Extraordinary shine - visible as soon as you handle it
  • Low wear rates for beautiful long lasting restorations
  • Soft, sculptable handling that is designed to resist sticking to the instrument
  • Familiar shades are easy to use and save you time
  • Convenient delivery system with your choice of unit dose or syringe 


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Simile Universal Composite

Q. What is a “nano hybrid” composite?
A. A nano-hybrid composite has conventional glass and innovative nano-scaled fillers. The advantage of a nano-hybrid composite over a hybrid or microfill composite is the combination of great esthetics, exceptional polishability and high strength.

Q. What is the wear resistance of Simile Composite?
A. The surface wear of Simile is about 3 microns per year. The marginal wear of Simile is about 10 microns per year. Please refer to our online brochure for more physical properties as well as studies on SimileNano-hybrid Composite.

Q. How much shrinkage does Simile Composite exhibit?
A. Shrinkage is about 2.2% upon cure.

Q. How many shades does Simile Composite offer?
A. There are currently 25 shades of Simile composite available for your convenience.
Shades include A1-D4, opaque and incisal shades and two bleach shades. Please see the product page for a complete listing of available shades.

Q. Is Simile Composite an anterior or posterior restorative material?
A. Simile composite is ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations. The strength of the composite makes it an ideal choice for posterior restorations. Esthetically Simile composite is comparable to leading microfill composites making it a great choice for anterior restorations as well.

Q. What is the filler content of Simile Composite?
A. The overall filler loading in Simile Composite is about 75% by weight, 68% by volume.

Q. What is the depth of cure and cure time for Simile Composite?
A. Cure time and related depth of cure are:

  • -5 second cure with a high power output light; depth of cure up to 4 mm.
  • -10 second cure with a standard cure light; depth of cure up to 4.3 mm.

Q. Can I use any curing light to cure Simile Composite?
A. The light initiator in Simile Composite is CQ. This means that most popular lights on the market can be used including LED, Pac lights and halogen lights.

Q. How is Simile Composite polished?
A. Any polishing system can be used to finish Simile Composite restorations. We highly recommend our Fini™ Polishing Disks because of the incredibly smooth finish and brilliant polish they create on all resin and ionomer materials.

Q. What bonding agents can be used with Simile Composite?
A. Any 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th generation bonding agent will work with Simile Composite. We highly recommend Bond-1® Primer/Adhesive or the Nano-Bond® Self-Etch Adhesive System. Our Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive uses the total etch technique. Nano-Bond Self-Etch Adhesive includes a self-etch primer which will eliminate the use of an acid etch. Please follow the instructions for each individual bonding agent.

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