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Splint-It® Resin-Reinforced Fiber Splinting Strips


This product is no longer available. Click here to find out more information.

3 Innovative Designs Offer Convenience and Versatility

Splint-It Fiber Splinting System is a comprehensive system used for all types of tooth splinting. This unique system offers a patented technology of resin impregnation and three choices of fiber strips. The different treated fiber configurations provide versatility, in addition to substantial strength and ease of placement.

Product Benefits

  • Resin-coated fibers shorten procedure time
  • 3 mm wide unidirectional glass fiber, ideal for tooth replacement due to its exceptionally high strength properties
  • 2mm wide woven glass fiber, which due to its lack of memory, is perfect for configuration and adaptation to misaligned teeth
  • 1mm wide braided polyethylene rope. The rope configuration is highly adaptable and is ideal for stabilizing mobile teeth 

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Splint-It® Resin-Reinforced Fiber Splinting Strips

Q. What applications can I use Splint-It Fiber Splinting Strips for?
A. Splint-It Fiber Splinting Strips are ideal for many applications, including immobilizing periodontically-involved teeth, maintaining space during orthodontic treatment, strengthening trauma-damaged teeth, reinforcing temporary crowns and bridges, and fortifying denture repairs.

Q. How many sizes are available for Splint-It Fiber Splinting Strips?
A. We offer Splint-It Fiber Splinting Strips in 3 common sizes: 1mm (braided rope), 2mm (woven glass fibers), and 3mm (unidirectional glass fibers).

Q. Is there a specific technique recommended to place Splint-It Strips?
A. We recommend using Splint-It strips with a total-etch bonding system and resin composite. After preparing the surface with acid etch and bonding agent, we advise “sandwiching” Splint-It Strips between several layers of composite and light-curing the entire restoration. Please refer to the instructions in the technical section of the Splint-It product page.

Q. How do I cut Splint-It Fiber Splinting Strips?
A. You can use ceramic scissors to cut Splint-It Strips. If ceramic scissors are not available, we recommend using a pair of very sharp scissors and cutting the strip very slowly, making sure not to fray any edges.

Q. Can I polish Splint-It Strips after my procedure is completed?
A. Splint-It Strips should always be overlaid with a minimum ½ - 1mm of composite. The composite layer may be polished using burs, disks or wheels, but take care to avoid exposing the Splint-It Strip. We recommend applying Protect-It® Surface Sealant over the composite after all polishing is complete.

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