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Pentron Clinical

StaySoft® SRM Soft Reline Material


This product is no longer available. Click here to find out more information.

Single Visit Chairside Denture Relines

StaySoft S.R.M. reline material is an easy to use auto-mix, chairside reline material. Its unique adhesive system tenaciously bonds to denture acrylic. The specially formulated silicone liner also contains no plasticizers that might leach out and cause it to harden. To increase patient acceptance, the liner produces no heat during the setting process.

Product Benefits

  • Specially formulated adhesive bonds to denture acrylic
  • Convenient, one-visit chairside system saves time
  • No plasticizers, so it stays soft longer
  • Convenient auto-mix cartridge eliminates messy hand mixing
  • Silicone-based liner produces no heat during setting for improved patient comfort 

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StaySoft® SRM Soft Reline Material

Q. Why did Pentron Clinical create StaySoft S.R.M. Soft Reline Material?
A. StaySoft Soft Reline Material was created as a chairside denture reline material that bonds to denture acrylic and stays soft.

Q. Will StaySoft S.R.M. Material harden over time?
A. No. StaySoft S.R.M. Material does not contain any plasticizers that might leach out and cause it to harden. StaySoft S.R.M. Soft Reline Material is a silicone, not an acrylic, based material that has no odor and no awful chemical taste.

Q. Can I trim StaySoft S.R.M. Material after it has self-cured?
A. Yes. Pentron Clinical recommends using a sharp scalpel or fine scissors to remove excess material. You may then smooth any rough areas and borders using a suitable grinding instrument with approximately 8,000 rpm under low pressure. After trimming is completed, use the StaySoft Varnish base and catalyst (in a 1:1 ratio mix) to smooth any uneven borders and rough spots. The varnish will cure in approximately 5 minutes.

Q. What type of gun does StaySoft S.R.M. Material fit into?
A. StaySoft S.R.M. Material is designed to fit the DS50 1:1/2:1 impression dispenser gun.

Q. How many shades are available?
A. StaySoft S.R.M. Material is available in 2 shades: Gingival Light and Gingival Dark.

Q. What is the self-cure setting time of StaySoft S.R.M.?
A. StaySoft S.R.M. Material has an oral set time of 3 minutes.

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