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Pentron Clinical

TempSpan® Glaze


This product is no longer available. Click here to find out more information.

Provisional Glaze Eliminates Polishing Step

TempSpan Glaze is formulated with a nano-particulate filled resin that eliminates not only the time consuming step of polishing provisional restorations, but also the oxygen inhibited smear layer. TempSpan Glaze creates an immediate lustrous gloss for beautiful, natural-looking provisionals. In addition to creating a fast and lustrous shine, TempSpan Glaze contributes to increased resistance to surface wear and staining. The inclusion of multiple photo initiators ensures compatibility with both halogen and LED curing lights.

Product Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for a separate polishing step saving chair time
  • Increases stain resistance and wear resistance resulting in temporaries that look as good as the day they were made
  • Creates a gloss luster that rivals traditional polishing
  • Cures with both halogen and LED curing lights

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TempSpan® Glaze

Q. When should I use TempSpan Glaze?
A. One application of TempSpan Glaze effectively coats the provisional restoration and fills in any surface voids; therefore, use the glaze to finish provisional restorations instead of polishing.

Q. Can I use TempSpan Glaze on my definitive composite restorations?
A. TempSpan Glaze is not indicated for glazing unpolished definitive composite restorations. Pentron Clinical recommends Protect-It® Composite Surface Sealant for this application.

Q. Will TempSpan Glaze cure with an LED curing light?
A. Yes, TempSpan Glaze is formulated to cure with all halogen and LED curing lights.

Q. Should I clean the provisional before placing TempSpan Glaze?
A. Yes. Use carbide or diamond finishing burs to contour the provisional restoration, clean the provisional with water or alcohol to remove any loose debris then dry thoroughly. You can then apply TempSpan Glaze as directed.

Q. Can TempSpan Glaze be used on Bis-Acrylic material as well?
A. Yes, you can use TempSpan Glaze on Bis-Acrylic and Bis-GMA materials.

Q. What is the curing time for TempSpan Glaze?
A. Pentron Clinical recommends light curing each surface of the provisional for 30 seconds. Apply additional coats as desired.

Q. Where should I store TempSpan Glaze?
A. We recommend storing TempSpan Glaze at room temperature, between 65-75°F (18- 24°C). TempSpan Glaze should be applied at room temperature.

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