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TempSpan Temporary C&B Material
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TempSpan Temporary C&B Material

TempSpan Temporary Crown and Bridge Material provides you with the ideal physical properties to create durable, long lasting provisional restorations. TempSpan Material’s unique dual cure formula allows you to light cure the provisional both intraorally and extraorally, minimizing both chair time and patient discomfort. TempSpan Material is available in shades A0, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, and C2.

Product Benefits

  • Dual cure formula saves time and minimizes patient discomfort
  • Outstanding physical properties provides durable provisional restorations
  • Seven shades ensures that you never have to make a compromise concerning esthetics
  • Standard 50ml/80gm cartridge allows you to use your standard dispenser gun
  • Composite formula allows margin refinement and repair with Flow-It™ ALC Flowable Composite 


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TempSpan Temporary C&B Material

Q. Why is TempSpan C&B material dual-cure?
A. This feature has been added to TempSpan C&B material to save time when making provisionals. As a resin composite, TempSpan C&B material can be light cured to speed the provisional procedure. Use TempSpan Clear Matrix Material with a clear impression tray (or sideless triple tray) to light cure TempSpan C&B material right through the matrix material.

Q. What gun does TempSpan C&B material fit into?
A. TempSpan C&B material will fit into a standard DS50 1:1/2:1 gun. This is the most common gun found in the dental office and is frequently used with most impression materials, including Correct Plus® impression material.

Q. How can I repair or add to TempSpan C&B material?
A. TempSpan C&B material can be added to or repaired with Flow-It™ ALC flowable composite.

Q. Is TempSpan C&B material supposed to feel slightly sticky when I am done making my provisional?
A. TempSpan C&B material, like most other temporary materials, has an oxygen inhibited layer present when the material is cured. This is a normal condition of the material. To minimize the oxygen inhibited layer, use TempSpan Clear Matrix Material and light cure the C&B material intra-orally or extra-orally. Fabricating the provisional in a clear matrix will not only reduce the oxygen inhibited layer, but can also improve the physical properties of the provisional.

Q. Should TempSpan C&B material be stored in the refrigerator?
A. TempSpan C & B material requires refrigeration 36°-55° F (2°-13° C) when not in use for long periods of time. The material should be used at room temperature.

Q. What temporary cement can be used with the TempSpan material?
A. We highly recommend using TempSpan CMT Temporary Cement or other non-eugenol temporary cements for bonding compatibility.

Q. How many units can be made from one cartridge of TempSpan C&B material?
A. You can make approximately 40 single units with one cartridge of TempSpan C&B material.

Q. How many shades of TempSpan C&B material are offered?
A. There are seven shades available in the TempSpan C&B material product line: A0, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, and C2.

Q. What should I use to polish TempSpan C&B material?
A. We recommend Fini™ Polishing Disks. To achieve a high gloss without the hassle of mechanical polishing, use TempSpan Glaze. One coat of TempSpan Glaze produces a lustrous shine and increases stain resistance.

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