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Flow-It™ ALC™


Flowable Composite

Flow-It ALC (Accelerated Light Cure) is a versatile flowable composite with flexural and tensile strengths comparable to the best hybrid composites. Excellent handling capabilities and just the right viscosity make it easy to use in an extensive range of applications. Flow-It ALC cures in only 3 seconds with high-speed curing lights and in only 10 seconds with standard halogen curing lights.

Product Benefits

  • Reliable handling – material flows well without slumping to make placement easy
  • Versatile – effectively used in a wide variety of procedures such as liners for Class II, Class V restorations, repair temporaries, and small Class I & III restorations
  • Shade selection – complete esthetic selection of 24 shades


  • Flow-It ALC is a flowable visible light curing hybrid composite restorative material indicated for all Class I, II, III, IV, V restorations


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Flow-It ALC
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