• retensin

Retensin™ Plus

Dental Bonding Agents

One Component Light Curing Adhesive

One-component adhesive system for “Totaletch” technique with easy application. The milkcolour of this material allows good visual control of application. The hydrophilic solvent - ethyl alcohol makes Retensin Plus highly tolerant to moisture. This one-component adhesive designed for bonding of composites, metals, amalgam and ceramics offers to the dentist the quickest and easiest application possible with virtually no compromise in strength.

Product benefits

  • 25% content of fillers creates thicker layer and its elasticity reduces stress rising from subsequent layering
  • Higher bond strength in slightly moist environment


  • Bonding of composite or compomer fillings and enamel/dentin with modified surface
  • Suitable in conjunction with Total-etch technique


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