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Condensable Composite

Alert Condensable Composite is a posterior restorative material designed to be a viable amalgam alternative. In addition to over 10 years of independently validated* clinical success, what sets Alert apart from other composites is its proprietary chopped glass fiber filler that provides amalgam-like handling and exceptional physical properties.

Product Benefits

  • Efficient – low polymerization shrinkage of 1.9%
  • Long-lasting – minimal wear rate of only 3.5µm per year
  • Easy-to-use – handles and packs similar to amalgam
  • Accommodating – available in the 5 most popular posterior shades: A2, A3, A3.5, B1 & C2


  • Tooth colored posterior restorative material. For usage in a similar situation that would be applicable to an amalgam restoration.

Alert Syringe Refills

N15SAShade A21 - 4gm Syringe
N15SBShade A31 - 4gm Syringe
N15SCShade A3.51 - 4gm Syringe
N15SDShade B11 - 4gm Syringe
N15SEShade C21 - 4gm Syringe

Alert Single Dose Refills

N15HAShade A210 - 0.25gm Single Dose
N15HBShade A310 - 0.25gm Single Dose
N15HCShade A3.510 - 0.25gm Single Dose
N15HDShade B110 - 0.25gm Single Dose
N15HEShade C210 - 0.25gm Single Dose


N75ASingle Dose Dispenser Gun


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