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Total Etch Primer/Adhesive

Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive is a 5th generation total-etch bonding system that provides high bond strengths in a convenient single bottle application. This versatile system can be used for all your bonding procedures. Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive has been proven to create the ideal sealed surface and interpenetrated network of the polymerized primers and unfilled resin, resulting in a high bond with a low film thickness of only 8µm.

Product Benefits

  • Simple, time-saving and reliable bonding system
  • High bond strength to both dentin and enamel
  • Extremely versatile system - bond direct or indirect, light or chemical cured composites, porcelains, metal restorations and amalgam to tooth structure
  • Low film thickness assures the ideal surface to bond to restorative materials


N01IBond-1 Primer/Adhesive Kit1 - 4ml/4.2gm bottle Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive,1 - 3ml/2.1gm bottle Bond-1 Dual Cure Activator,2 - 5ml syringe 37% Etch gel
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Bond-1 Refills

N01IAA1 - 4ml Bottle Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive
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N01IAB1 - 6ml Bottle Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive
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N01IAC1 - 3ml Bottle Bond-1 Dual Cure Activator
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N01IB2 - 5ml/6.9gm syringes 37% Etch Gel
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T26B100 - 22 Gauge Bent Needle Tip
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For Dentin/Enamel bonding, which strength of acid should I use?

You can use either 10% or 37% phosphoric acid to etch both dentin and enamel. The Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive System was designed to give you the maximum flexibility in your etching procedure. Therefore, if you prefer a less concentrated solution choose the 10% acid. As long as the contact time is appropriate, your etching technique will not affect bond strength.

Is Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive compatible with all brands of composite?


Should I leave the dentin moist after it has been etched?

Yes. Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive is hydrophilic and works best on moist dentin.

What is the film thickness of Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive once it is light-cured

Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive results in a film thickness of 8 microns when cured.

What are the bond strengths of Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive to dentin and enamel?

The bond strength to dentin is 31 MPa, and to enamel is 27 MPa.

How should I store Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive?

For maximum shelf life, store Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive in the refrigerator.


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Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive SDS
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