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Condensable Dental Composite

Alert Condensable Composite, packed with over 10 years of independently validated* clinical success, is a posterior restorative material designed to be a viable amalgam alternative. What sets Alert Condensable Composite apart from other composites is a proprietary chopped glass fiber filler that contributes to its amalgam-like handling characteristics and exceptional physical properties.


*The Dental Advisor


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Product Benefits

  • An esthetic composite that truly handles as easy as amalgam
  • Good resistance to packing for forming proximal contacts
  • Low wear rates of only 3.5µm per year ensure that your restorations last
  • High strength and low shrinkage make this an ideal posterior composite


Why is Flow-It® ALC™ flowable composite in the Alert Kit?

Flowable composite is frequently used as a base liner is practiced by many clinicians because of the intimate contact it makes with all line and point angles, amalgam and composite. Because we believe you may find it useful, especially in deep preparations, we have included Flow-It ALC flowable composite in the kit. Flow-It ALC flowable composite is ideal for use under all types of restorations.

Can I polish Alert condensable composite instead of using your surface sealant?

Yes, you can polish Alert Composite as you would any composite.

What kind of physical properties does Alert condensable composite have?

Independent university testing shows Alert Condensable Composite to have an extraordinarily low wear rate of 3.5µm/year and a high flexural modulus. Alert Condensable Composite has less tendency to pull away from the margin when stressed, reducing stress on both the tooth and the bonding agent. With an overall filler loading of 84% by weight, Alert Condensable Composite also offers exceptional compressive and edge strengths.

Why does Alert condensable composite feel so much like amalgam?

Special micro fibers added to the hybrid filler base creates a carefully balanced composite matrix offering high resistance to the plugging/condensing instrument. The resulting feel is very similar to amalgam with no tackiness or pullback.


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