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Dental Bonding Agents

Enamel/Dentin Bonding Systém

Bond-It is a 4th generation total-etch bonding system that offers a reliable technique proven over time. It is a perfect choice for bonding dual and self cure composites as well as amalgam. Known as the “golden standard” of bonding, this familiar technique assures the ideal surface to bond any restorative material, including direct and indirect composite, porcelain, metal, and amalgam.

Product Benefits

  • Flexible – bonds to all surfaces
  • Familiar – easy to use, reliable system
  • Ideal – perfect for bonding under amalgam


  • An adhesive to bond amalgam, gold, porcelain, and glass restorations to enamel and/or dentin.

Bond-It Enamel/Dentin Bonding System Kit

N01Bond-It Enamel/Dentin Bonding System Kit1 - 6ml bottle Primer A ; 1 - 6ml bottle Primer B; 2 - 3ml syringe 37% Etch gel; 1 - 6ml bottle Bond-It Resin Light Cure; 1 - 3ml bottle Bond-It Resin Dual-Cure Activator; 20 - 22 Gauge Tips

Bond-It Refills

N01A1 - 6ml Bottle Primer A
N01B1 - 6ml Bottle Primer B
N01C1 - 6ml Bottle each Primer A and B
N01D1 - 6ml Bottle Resin Light-Cure
N01E1 - 3ml Bottle Resin Dual Cure Activator
N01F1 - 3ml Bottle Resin Light Cure/Dual Cure


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