Kavitan™ PRO

Glass-Ionomer Cement

High-Strength Glass-Ionomer Cement

Outstanding self-curing cement with high mechanical strength for durable semi-permanent and permanent fillings. Offers very good aesthetic standard, excellent physical and mechanical properties and reliable bond strength. This economically modest material is suitable for Class I, III and V fillings and for the “sandwich” technique. Kavitan Pro is also suitable as a reliable material for adhesive liners under amalgam or composite fillings. A.R.T. technique (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment) and core build-ups are also included in its indications.

Product benefits

  • Perfect for core build-ups and replacement of lost dentin by sandwich technique (liner type “base”)
  • Permanent chemical adhesion to the hard dental tissues
  • Outstanding biocompatibility
  • Improved mechanical and chemical properties, higher strength in comparison to “conventional” GIC, i. e. Kavitan Plus
  • Long-lasting release of fluoride ions
  • Highly radiopaque


  • Class I and II semi-permanent posterior restorations
  • Class III and V restorations in permanent teeth
  • Class I, II, III and V restorations in permanent teeth – the “sandwich” technique
  • Lost dentin build-ups before prosthetic treatment
  • Adhesive liners under composite or amalgam restorations
  • A.R.T. technique (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment)


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