Build-It™ LC

Core Material

Light Cure - Core Material

Build-It Light Cure Core Material is specifically designed for clinicians who favor the on-command cure afforded by light cure core materials. The high translucency of Build-It Light Cure enables a 10mm depth of cure without the need to build up incremental layers – with as little as 20 seconds of curing time per surface. Furthermore, once Build-It Light Cure is polymerized, it behaves just like original Build-It FR Core Material, with outstanding physical properties and the ability to prep like dentin without ditching. A proprietary BisGMA-free resin promotes non-sticky, sculptable handling that allows for quick and easy adaption to the tooth and post.

Product benefits

  • 10mm depth of cure – streamlines placement and shortens procedure time
  • Easy-to-use – handles and packs like a composite with a deeper curing option for core build-ups
  • Compatible with any bonding agent – enables you to use your preferred bonding agent
  • Convenient delivery – available in syringe and single dose delivery options


  • Core build material on vital teeth
  • Core build up material on non-vital teeth
  • Restorative material



N32TBuild-It Light Cure Core Material Syringe Kit2 - 2.2ml/5g Syringes, Instructions, Accessories
N32UBuild-It Light Cure Core Material Single-Dose Kit30 - 0.25g Single Doses, Instructions, Accessories


N75ASingle Dose Dispenser Gun


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