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Bond-1™ SF

Dental Bonding Agents

Solvent-Free SE Adhesive

Bond 1-SF is a self-etch, one-coat bonding agent that is solvent-free — eliminating the need to air dry.This feature protects against sensitivity and prevents evaporation for stability and consistency. Bond-1 SF is designed for direct composite restorations and dual cure materials.* Bond-1 SF provides optimal bond strengths up to 30.4 MPa in just three basic steps: apply evenly, rub for 20 seconds, and light cure.

Product benefits

  • Solvent-free – protects against sensitivity, eliminating common technique-sensitive issues such as under- and over-drying; also prevents evaporation
  • No air drying – saves you precious chair time; doesn’t leave you guessing “how dry is too dry”
  • Self-etch – no need to acid etch; saves time and protects against sensitivity
  • Versatile – can be used in conjunction with light cure and dual cure materials*
  • Unique handling properties – enables an even spread of the material, ensuring complete coverage and optimal results
  • One coat – easy to use; reduces procedure time


  • Direct composite restorations
  • Bonding agent for repairs to composite, ceramic and metal substrates
  • Pit and fissure sealant
  • Compatible with dual cure materials, only when the initial layer is light initiated

*Compatible with dual cure materials only when the initial layer of dual cure material is light cured.

Bond-1 SF Syringe Kit

N03N2 - 1ml SyringesFlocked Needle Tips, Instructions


N03T100 - 25 Gauge Flocked Needle Tip (100 pk)