Kavitan™ LC

Glass-Ionomer Cement

Light-Cured Glass-Ionomer Cement

Kavitan LC is a light-cured, radiopaque glass-ionomer cement in the form of powder and liquid. This light-curing material with controlled curing time offers the possibility of immediate “sandwich” restoration.

Kavitan LC is available as a two-component system: 12 g of powder + 5 g of liquid. The powder is offered in two VITA™ shades – A2 and A3.

Product benefits:

  • Light-curing material with controlled time of curing
  • Possibility of immediate “sandwich” filling
  • Etching and application of an adhesive is not necessary thanks to the strong chemical adhesion
  • Outstanding biological compatibility
  • Radiopaque


  • Class I and II restorations not loaded with occlusal forces in permanent teeth

  • Class V and III restorations in permanent teeth

  • Class I, II, III, and V laminated restorations in permanent teeth - the “sandwich” technique

  • Class I, II, III, and V restorations in deciduous teeth

  • Adhesive liners under composite or amalgam fillings

  • Core build-ups prior to preparation for crowns, inlays or onlays

  • Class I, II, III, and V provisional restorations in permanent teeth

  • Pit and fissure sealing


Mixing ratio

Mixing time

Working time

Photopolymerization – light curing time

1 scoop of powder to 2 drops of liquid

30 – 45 s

3:30 min

5:00 min


Kavitan LC

4113411PE1 - 12 g powder A2 + 1 - 5 g liquid
4113412PE1 - 12 g powder A3 + 1 - 5 g liquid


4113430PE1 - 5 g liquid


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