About Us

How Pentron started

You might say Pentron were born innovators. Back in 1967, Pentron set a standard for quality and value in the dental consumables marketplace. Their goal was to stay ahead of the curve by creating technologically advanced products that would enhance the practice of dentistry. And that’s exactly what they have been doing ever since.

Early on, they introduced their original flowable composite, total-etch bonding system, and a line of impression material that has remained popular to this day. More recent introductions have included veneer cement, liquid dentine, solvent-free SE adhesive, core build-up material and posts. In addition, a selection of DUX Dental products came under the Pentron umbrella two years or so ago. 

What’s more, a milestone event occurred in 2015 when Pentron and SpofaDental – two companies with a combined history of more than 100 years – integrated. The companies, from very different backgrounds but with a similar commitment to focus on the needs and demands of their customers, offer a complete, comprehensive portfolio of restorative solutions across the continent. This was more than the sum of two parts. It is the union of a unique blend of forces: the innovation of Pentron in the U.S. with the heritage and tradition of SpofaDental in Europe for an integrated approach.

Today, Pentron’s product lines have evolved – and so have their customers. Dentists today are accomplishing more and achieving greater results than ever before, in practices that grow increasingly more complex. What Penton has come to realise along the way is that being a cutting-edge product manufacturer only satisfies part of the equation.

To remain true to their roots and continue enhancing the practice of dentistry, they have risen to meet their customers’ ever-changing and ever-broadening needs. Needs that still include  – but now go beyond  – innovative products. As they move forward, they want to do more for their customers and be more to them than ever before. And as ever, they are up for the challenge.

Sales & Service

Your time is extremely valuable, inside and outside of your practice. So, to make the most of your time, our Customer Service team are always ready to take your call and answer any questions you have about Pentron Clinical and our products. You should expect nothing less than fast and exemplary service when you contact us.

Similarly, you deserve the best and most reliable products available. That’s why every product we manufacture adheres to the highest standards of quality, conforms to rigorous specifications, and undergoes stringent quality control measures.

Partnering with Kerr now allows us to serve you better and save you time by allowing you to order all your dental goods through one source. We acknowledge that any number of manufacturers you do business with can meet your expectations. But we’d prefer to earn your business by exceeding them.

The full range of Pentron quality products at affordable prices are now available in the UK online exclusively through Kerr at store.kerrdental.com/en-uk/.