Cement-It™ Universal C&B™ Resin Cement

Resin Cement

Cement-It Universal Crown & Bridge Material is a dual cure resin cement for all of your indirect bonding needs. The system delivers high bond strengths, reduced sensitivity, and versatile bonding for any restoration. Cement-It is available in a quick, easy-to-use auto-mix delivery system and is available in three shades to satisfy virtually all cosmetic needs: A2, Opaceous White, and Translucent.

Product Benefits

  • Convenient – auto-mix syringe eliminates mixing guesswork and delivers consistent results
  • Versatile – compatible with all crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts
  • Durable – creates long lasting restorations with bond strengths up to 25 MPa


  • Cementation of porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays, and other dental restorations, including ceramics, metal alloys and composite restoratives.

Cement-It Universal C&B Refills

N33A1 - 4ml Syringe A2 Catalyst & BaseIncludes 1 - 4ml Syringe, 12 Mixing Tips, Instructions
N33AB1 - 4ml Syringe Op. White Catalyst & BaseIncludes 1 - 4ml Syringe, 12 Mixing Tips, Instructions
N33AC1 - 4ml Syringe Translucent Catalyst & BaseIncludes 1 - 4ml Syringe, 12 Mixing Tips, Instructions


N04EA1 - 3ml Bottle Silane
N33C100 - Mixing Tips - Brown Auto-mix (100 pk)
N33CA50 - Mixing Tips - Brown Auto-mix (50 pk)
N72AA50 - Intra-oral/Auto-mix Tips
N72AB100 - Intra-oral/Auto-mix Tips
N75S1 - 1:1 Auto-Mix Syringe Dispenser Gun


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