Etching Gel

Dental Bonding Agents

Etching Gel for Enamel and Dentin

Etching Gel is a 37% phosphoric acid gel used for etching enamel and dentin to prepare the tooth surface prior to the application of a bonding agent.

Product benefits

  • Non-slumping consistency – precise application
  • Blue colour - higly visible
  • Rinses clean with minimum effort, easy to use


  • Indications: Etching of enamel surface or dentine before the preparation of a composite or bonded amalgam filling, before the preparation of a sandwich composite filling with a glass ionomer cement, before adhesive fixation of an aesthetic facet, either ceramic or composite, before the fixation of an inlay or onlay, the root pin, a crown or a bridge with a composite cement.

Etching Gel 3.5 g

4122505PEEtching Gel 3,5 g1 - 3,5 g gel in syringe; 10 - application tips

Etching Gel (Jumbo) 30g economy packing

4122506PEEtching Gel (Jumbo) 30g, economy packing1 - 30 g gel in big syringe; 2 - application syringes; 20 - application tips; 1 - reduction for application syringes