Bond-1™ Bonding System

Dental Bonding Agents

The Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive System is a 5th generation total-etch bonding agent that provides high bond strength in a convenient single-bottle application. The versatile system bonds both direct and indirect restorations. Bond-1 creates a sealed surface with an intricate network of polymerized primers and unfilled resin. This results in a high bond strength to dentin of up to 31.0 MPa and a film thickness of only 8μm. Its ease of application—combined with its low film thickness—provides the ideal surface to bond to all types of restorative materials.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible – bonds to all direct and indirect restorations
  • Easy-to-use – total-etch bonding technique that’s familiar and proven
  • Resilient – bond strengths up to 31 MPa to dentin / 27 MPa to enamel

Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive Kit

N01IBond-1 Primer/Adhesive Kit1 - 4ml/4.2gm bottle Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive; 1 - 3ml/2.1gm bottle Bond-1 Dual Cure Activator; 2 - 5ml syringe 37% Etch gel

Bond-1 Refills

N01IAA1 - 4ml Bottle Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive
N01IAB1 - 6ml Bottle Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive
N01IAC1 - 3ml Bottle Bond-1 Dual Cure Activator


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