FibreKor™ Fiber Post

Fiber Post

The FibreKor Fiber Post system provides five post sizes to accommodate a range of canal sizes.

Designed from uniquely treated glass fibers bundled in a strong resin matrix, the FibreKor Fiber Post system generates an integrated bond among tooth structure, bonding agent, resin cement, and composite core material.

Product benefits

  • Effective – unique design allows for excellent adherence of resin cement
  • Flexible – easy shaping and cutting to size for any canal
  • Variety – three sizes in the kit: *1.00mm, 1.25mm, and 1.50mm diameters with refills available in five sizes


  • Reinforcement of an endodontically involved tooth. Retention of Core and/or Core Material.


N18FibreKor Fiber Post Kit30 - FibreKor Posts: 10 each of sizes *1.00mm, 1.25mm, and 1.50mm; 3 Drills - 1 each of sizes 1.00mm, 1.25mm, and 1.50mm, Instructions, Accessories

FibreKor Fiber Post 10pk Refills

N18BB1.25mm Post (yellow)
N18BC1.50mm Post (blue)
N18BD1.125mm Post (purple)
N18BE1.375mm Post (green)

FibreKor Fiber Post 30pk Refills

N18AB*1.00mm Post (red)*Due to size, the 1.00 mm post is not serrated
N18AC1.125mm Post (purple)
N18AD1.25mm Post (yellow)
N18AE1.375mm Post (green)
N18AF1.50mm Post (blue)

FibreKor Fiber Post Refill Combo Pack

N18A10 each of sizes *1.00mm, 1.25mm, 1.50mm (red, yellow, blue) *Due to size, the 1.00 mm post is not serrated

FibreKleer 4x and FibreKor Fiber Post Drill Refills

N18DA1.00mm (red)Parallel / Original Drill
N18DB1.25mm (yellow)Parallel / Original Drill
N18DC1.50mm (blue)Parallel / Original Drill
N18DD1.125mm (purple)Parallel / Original Drill
N18DE1.375mm (green)Parallel / Original Drill


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