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TempSpan™ Transparent

Temporary Materials

Temporary Dental Cement

TempSpan Transparent  is a eugenol-free, resin-based cement used for retaining provisional restorations. Virtually colorless, TempSpan Transparent Temporary Cement safely secures provisional crowns and bridges without influencing the overlying color. This dual cure cement provides the ultimate in flexibility enabling the clinician to light cure for an instant set in addition to providing the option of waiting 5 ½ minutes for a chemical cure.

Formulated with just the right amount of adhesion, TempSpan Transparent Temporary Cement delivers the optimum balance of retention to help prevent leakage and sensitivity and facilitate easy removal when needed without damaging the preparations or restoration.

Auto-mix syringe delivery provides hassle-free, precise placement directly into the restoration with minimal waste.

TempSpan Transparent Temporary Cement

N69CB1 - 4.5ml/6.9gm auto-mix syringe of TempSpan Transparent Temporary Cement
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N33C100 - Mixing Tips - Brown Auto-mix
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N33CA50 - Mixing Tips - Brown Auto-mix
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Product Features

  • Transparent – ideal for the highly esthetic anterior zone
  • Optimum retention – securely retains provisional restorations and facilitates easy removal
  • Non-eugenol – ensures compatibility with resin-based permanent cements
  • Auto-mix delivery – provides accurate placement into the provisional with minimal waste
  • Dual cure – self cures in 5 ½ minutes or can be light cured for an instantaneous cure